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  • Leadx Removals
    Leadx Removals
    Will consist of all types of household products being
    transport via our modern vans to one chosen destination
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  • Leadx Removals
    Leadx Removals
    Will consist of all types of office products being
    transport via our modern vans to another office
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  • Leadx Removals
    Leadx Removals
    Will consist of rubbish removal from any
    premises to the skip
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Dover Removals | Furniture Removals

Whether you are moving your home or business, our customer’s service center offers great advice enabling your transition process run as smoothly as possible. With us, you need not worry about delays in moving. We completely understand the frustration arising from accessing your new property due to unexpected circumstances.

That’s why Dover Removals provide late and cancellation waivers assuring you of no extra charges. No matter how short or the distance is you will find a great package for the service you need. We provide office, rubbish, and home removals in Dover 7 days a week from 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM. The company offers a wide range of removals insurance options for additional safety of your belongings whilst in transit. In addition, we take extra precaution while handling your office and household items.

Our entire team of employees is professionally trained in their specific field of the task. The execution of their service speaks for itself. The vast knowledge in the industry has earned several awards for best removals services in the town. We are accredited by the Removal Association Agency to provide office removals in Dover. For reliable, efficient, and prompt service, we have capitalized on the latest technology, tools, and machinery.

Office Removals

Our office removal services are delivered by professional experts handling file cabinets and furniture with care. Also, we have an IT team taking care of all cable and cabling work revolving the office. We aim in delivering reliable office removals in Dover by creating flexible time for the task ensuring business runs smoothly without any interruptions.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Therefore, we work closely with the client and ensure their specified demands are fulfilled. The company plans a prior site visit to your current office premise for assessment purposes enabling us to plan for the task. 

House Removals

Moving home can be a tedious process. Lead Removals eliminates you the stress coming along with relocating by letting you sit back and let the professionals carry out the task. Whether you are moving from an apartment or from one floor to another, we assure you of excellent house removals in Dover.
We have trained experts handling all detachable furniture ensuring no scratches or breakage takes place. The teams offer excellent packing services by labeling all the packages for easier and quick placement in the various rooms of the new property. We ensure your new house is in order before leaving the premise.

Rubbish Removals

The waste product is the last thing you would want to see lying in your backyard garden, office premise or in your garage. We have great resources, professional team and fleet of trucks providing rubbish removals in Dover. Leadx caters for all kind of disposals including construction site debris, household garbage collection, old furniture, and electronic equipment from offices.

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Leadx Removals

About Leadx Removals

Leadx Removals has invested greatly on the latest vehicles and machinery for sufficient service delivery. Our rubbish removals trucks come with a designed mechanism enabling us to collect garbage without spillage leaving thus leaving the environment clean. Also, we have small cranes for lifting heavy machinery such as generator backups.

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Our prices are based on the volume and weight of waste being disposed of.

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Our prices are based on the volume and weight of waste being disposed of.

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Our prices are based on the volume and weight of waste being disposed of.

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Our prices are based on the volume and weight of waste being disposed of.