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Office Removals

At Leadx Removals, we understand the need for safe handling preventing any damages to the office equipment. With the professional team of employees, you can be sure of maximum safety from the packing and transportation process to the new office premise. Also, we understand the urgency that comes with office removals in Dover.  

The majority of the firms opt for service not interfering with the day to day running of the business. To meet our client’s demand, we conduct most of the office relocation task during the weekend when the majority of the offices remain closed. This way the firm is able to resume its duties following Monday efficiently.

Moving an office can be a big operation and requires thoughtful planning from logistics to packing and much more. Leadx Removals offers professional help for the entire process by making a detailed program plan for office relocation. Prior to the task, we visit your old and new office to assess the capacity of the job awaiting us.

We provide packing materials and do proper labeling of the products before loading them on the truck. The company conducts thorough vetting process before hiring any of the staff for the purpose of quality service delivery. None of our team of employees show up for a job without the ideal tools and equipment required for the task.

The vans and trucks come in good and clean condition. Also, we offer special wrapping cover materials for all furniture’s preventing them from scratches during the transportation process. We are passionate about the safety of all your properties through the provision of insurance for the goods in transit. Our service is available Monday to Sunday from 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Our customer service team is always there taking you through our packages and advising you on the ideal quotation that suits your budget. The company never invoices our customer until we ascertain their satisfaction. We never keep our clients waiting on the phone for more than a minute.

In the event of an emergency, we adjust quickly to change and fit into your new schedule easily. The company offers a waiver for any cancellation occurring due to unavoidable circumstances. Our main goal is to provide the most exceptional office removals in Dover.

Leadx Removals is highly recognized by the Removal Board for offering quality services and observing the standards required when undertaking our job. The company has won several awards for providing top-notch office removals in Dover.

On the other hand, all our vehicles arrive with Google maps for easier navigation within and outside Dover. We pride our success on the enthusiastic team of employees who perform their task with so much effort and dedication. That means whenever you contact us to relocate your office items and equipment, you can rest assured of getting the best services.

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